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Do the Brakes on Your Truck Really Work?

Published on: 01 June 2022

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The performance of brakes can make a difference when it comes to road safety and your bottom line. Faulty or underperforming brakes can put drivers and other participants in traffic at risk while also costing you money. Here is why large fleets are investing in the Sherpa roller brake tester for their in-house workshops:

Safer is Better: over time, the performance of brakes may be reduced, damage to components may compromise the function of the entire system. Knowing exactly how each vehicles brakes perform give you an edge for your safety track record.

Reduce Cost: every time a vehicle fails during the mandatory inspection, there is cost involved. Your runner, parts that were replaced although there was no need for it, fuel, salaries and missed opportunities add up. After a comprehensive brake test you can ensure that the vehicle is going to pass.

Increased Uptime:
a faulty brake can result in accidents, which require costly repairs and cause downtime. This can be minimised by regularly testing the brakes on the vehicle.

Flexible in Use:
the mobile brake tester is easy to transport, set up and operate. Those operating several depots can schedule the brake tests in-house ahead of vehicle inspections to ensure a high pass rate. Rely on Dis Mafs Resources to put a stop to faulty or underperforming brakes and give your business an edge to improve your bottom line.