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A simple solution, replacing manual checks, saving you and your drivers time and reducing delays to deliveries. With the level of indicators of Brake Pad, Brake Failure / Potential Accidents caused by poor brake performance can be prevent by scheduling on-time maintenance.
Brake Pad Wear Indicator Devices
What happens when your brake worn out?
  • Slow response time When driving with worn-out brake pads, your trucks may not brake quickly enough because of a slow response time. When your car brake pads are worn out, a potential accident occurs.
  • Damages tires, drums, and disk brakes
    Replace your brake pads in time to prevent further damage and save you money in the long term. Your tyres would be one of the simplest and most expensive problems it could create. If your brakes don't have the enough cushion, you'll experience more jarring stops, which will eventually wear down your tyres, drum and disk brakes.
  • Brake failure crashes
    The brake pads are merely a portion of a larger mechanism. They act as a cushion between your braking rotors and your wheels, causing friction to slow your wheels down. Sadly, when your car's brake pads become worn down, the metal becomes exposed. This metal-on-metal grinding can further harm the entire braking system by heating it up and possibly breaking it. Driving with worn-out brake pads is thus a dangerous game you should avoid playing.
Key benefits
  • Reduces risk related to potential accidents caused by brake failure
  • Reduces additional repair costs caused by disc or drum damage
  • Avoids time spent performing monotonous manual checks
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